Top 5 Drugstore Foundations

Hello everyone!

This is my very first blog post and I decided to dedicate it to a very important part of my make-up routine – the foundation. Many women stick to only one brand and shade during the whole year and if that works well for you – you are lucky! I am blessed to have a rather clean and even skin but with the changing of the seasons, its requirements change as well. Unfortunately – sometimes more often than just four times a year. It is very sensitive to the weather and the environmental factors and on top of that I can easily beat Snow White when it comes to fairness of the skin. From every foundation that I decide to try, I usually pick the lightest shade. I am braver only during the summer…

I believe right now I have 16 foundations in my collection and, yes, I do use every single one of them depending on the hydration level of my skin and the season. Here I have selected 5 of my favourite drugstore foundations that work very well for me.

Lets start with Revlon Photoready.

img_0963This is a very popular one and I appreciate it very much because of its SPF 20 – most of the foundations have SPF 15 which is nowhere near enough for any time of the year and you do have to use a moisturizer with higher SPF underneath it. With this one, however, you can get away without additional SPF if you are not going to be exposed to direct sunlight for long period of time. Now, when it comes to SPF and photography…we all know that if you are using flashlight you should not be wearing anything with SPF in it as it would create a strong white reflection making your face look flat and pale. This foundation, however, photographs beautifully on daylight photos – it really does create a lovely airbrushed effect and it has a little bit of shimmer in it (if you don’t fancy having some sparkles on your skin – this is not the product for you).

The coverage is medium – it works well for hiding discolorations and some spots, and – to certain amount – your dark circles (sometimes I skip using a concealer when I am wearing it). The finish is more dewy, definitely not matt. The shade that I am using is 001 Ivory (obviously…Snow White issues) and it does match quite well, however you will need to bronze your neck, otherwise you will look like you are wearing a mask. Or at least you will if you are as pale as I am. For people with normal skin colour it might work perfectly well!

It has a very good overall staying power, and by that I mean that it survives a 10h working day with no touch ups and it still looks rather decent – not perfect, of course (I am still waiting to find this miraculous product that will survive me going to work and coming back home with perfect skin, ready for a night out. Any suggestions?)

Second on the list is the classic – Rimmel Wake Me Up

img_0966A lot has been said about this foundation – we all know it is one of the best available on the market. I used it for months few years ago and I absolutely loved it. Recently I purchased it again – in darker shade (103 True Ivory). Now…winter is not the time for this shade. It is a lot darker than my skin and it does take ridiculous amount of blending to look decent. BUT it is perfect for the summer and matches my tan perfectly. It is very light and does not clog your pores. Neither does it cake or strip off your face midday. It has that useless SPF15 so make sure you wear appropriate moisturizer under it.

The coverage is light to medium so don’t expect miracles regarding it. The finish is dewy, again with very very slight shimmer which makes it look very well on daylight photographs. It does give you a very healthy-looking appearance which is perfect if your skin is currently a bit dull and dehydrated. I would absolutely use it for winter time as well, just with the appropriate shade. And finally, it does have decent lasting power and gets me through the day, again – without touch ups but it does not look as perfect as I would like it to be in the end of the day.

Number 3 – Rimmel Fresher Skin

img_0968This little buddy is relatively new to the market and people either love it or hate it. It is definitely light coverage foundation but is perfect for those “no make-up” make-up days. I usually reach for it before going to work knowing that I need to get ready super quickly and that my day is going to be absolutely crazy. It is ridiculously easy to apply and immediately you feel actually refreshed – I don’t know what Rimmel have put in it but I swear it feels like washing your face in cold spring water. Blends beautifully, does not crease at all and during the day you can totally forget you are wearing make-up (do NOT scratch your eyes, though, if you are wearing mascara. Pandas are cute but you don’t want to be one.Or do you?)

The shade that I have is 100 Ivory and it works really well for me – this is what I am currently using. Pretty much, it does not look like I have foundation on my face at all, just my skin looks very nice and fresh. If this is what you are after – that would be the perfect choice for you.

It does have the useless SPF15, so again – use appropriate moisturizer! The staying power makes me quite happy as well – I go home and don’t feel the need to immediately remove it from my face as it still looks decent. I would not recommend it for photography, though – you would want something heavier for that.

Number 4 – MaxFactor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1

img_0965This has been amongst my favourites for quite a while. I believe it was the first foundation that I picked myself and was entirely my choice. The shade that I have is 50 Natural, which is a bit too dark for the winter, however with plenty of bronzer on my neck and during the summer it matches very well.

The coverage is more medium to full – hides most of the imperfections easily and it is definitely visible that you are wearing foundation (not in a bad-cakey way). It does have SPF20 so again you can get away with it if you feel a bit lazy in the mornings and it won’t be a particularly sunny and hot day. Generally, I wouldn’t recommend it for the summer time, unless you are going out during the evening. It is a bit too heavy for that but works perfectly well for winter and if you need fuller coverage for occasions. It stays as long as you need it – after all it does claim that it is primer as well, however you need to be careful if your skin is not well hydrated or is really really dry – you don’t want any dry patches showing!

Number 5 – Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

img_0960It feels like it sounds – light, healthy and nourishing on the skin. One of my favourite choices for both winter and summer, which is why I have it in two shades – 51 Light Vanilla and 52 Vanilla. From their normal range of the Healthy Mix I have shade 53 but it is a bit too dark for me even during the summer.

Where do I begin? Lovely texture, so easy to apply, does not feel heavy at all and is pretty much fool-proof when it comes to using it. And it smells amazing! Few weeks ago I used it on one of my friends and that was the first reaction she had the moment it came near her. It does have an amazing fruity scent and I must say, on some dull winter mornings this is what makes me reach for it.

It does not have an SPF, which is the only annoying thing. Other than that it is one of the most comfortable foundations to wear, does not cling to any dry patches on your face and does not melt off your face. I would love it if it could actually stay for 16h as it claims on the package, but it doesn’t. Usually it creases a bit between my eyebrows and in the inner corners under my eyes but I can totally live with that.

Now…I do have my ultimate favourite which I did not include in that chart because it is no longer available. And it breaks my heart! This is the MaxFactor Whipped Cream foundation. I have no idea why they decided to discontinue it but it is absolutely amazing! I discovered it when MaxFactor gave me a sample of it during a photo shoot and I fell in love immediately. It is light and creamy (as the name suggests), it stays forever, does not look patchy, does not crease and it looks absolutely stunning on photographs with or without flash. Obviously, it does not have SPF but in my opinion everybody needs one perfect foundation that is suitable if you know that you will be taking some flash photos.

img_0958 I have two shades – 50 Natural, which is the original that I bought – surprisingly it is not too dark, and 30 Porcelain – matches perfectly for the winter and I managed to find it on eBay after the product was discontinued. If you happen to know an equivalent of this foundation – please let me know! I am dreading the day when those two pots are going to be empty.

And to wrap up this ridiculously long post, here is a comparison of the shades of all the foundations on my skin.


I hope you enjoyed the post and I am looking forward to your feedback and our next chat!

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