Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Here we are again with one gorgeous product which deserves all the attention in this week’s post – the amazing Modern Renaissance Pallete by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

watermarked-img_0998What can I say – first of all – I have awesome friends. This little beauty was a Christmas present from my lovely friend Jess and I fell in love with it the moment I unwrapped it.

Let’s start with the packaging. Once you open the lovely dusty pink box, inside you find the absolutely beautiful velvet palette (such texture that you just want to touch and cuddle it…or maybe it is just me?) in the same shade. The rose gold-ish logo of Anastasia Beverly Hills just tops everything up!

watermarked-img_1002Once you peek inside you can see the 14 shades of eye shadow (0.7g each, which is absolutely enough if you don’t plan on using the same pallete for the rest of your life….which, in this case, is quite a temptation) with a nice mirror (always appreciated in palettes!) and a brush. Gorgeous combination of neutrals and berry colours. What more could you ask for?

The brush itself I won’t comment too much on – it does the job but I am not overly impressed by it, which is typical for almost all eyeshadow palettes. However, if you are in a rush, your usual eyeshadow brushes are wet or you are just traveling, that one will let you have decent looking eye make-up.

The shadows themselves! You can find some mattes, some shimmers, some delicate neutrals, some bold berries.

watermarked-img_1008The daytime ones – you can use Tempera as base or under your brows, as well as the inner corner of the eye – as you will see from the photo of the swatches below, it matches perfectly the skin colour (to the point of not seeing it at all 😉 ). Buon Fresco is perhaps one of my favourites – it is the exact same colour as the packaging and it is perfect for a soft, neutral, romantic look. Realgar, Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange are lovely neutrals as well, however they are a bit to the orangey side (duuuh, burnt ORANGE) so for some reason I am not particularly fond of combining them with my skin colour (as pale as I am, I pretty much look sick if I use orange shades). They do combine well, though, with the other shades to create nice blending! watermarked-img_1009Vermeer and Primavera. Let’s face it. They are shimmery. I LOVE them. I don’t know why but their texture is also creamier and feels almost like satin when you apply them – absolutely perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to an evening look. Golden Ochre, Warm Taupe and Cyprus Umber are perfect to blend together in a lovely smokey eye look and if you are feeling like adding a little bit more shimmer, you can top it up with Antique Bronze.Red Ochre and Venetian Red are stunning shades if you are going for a bold look (not everyone is brave enough to pull of red eyeshadow, it takes courage! ) and Venetian Red has the tiniest bit of sparkle it in, making it not completely matte. The matte berry shade is reserved for Love Letter and I must say it is an absolutely fascinating colour. It is, however, a little bit patchier and chalkier in texture compared to all the others so it does take a little bit more effort to blend it nicely. But you know what? Totally worth it.

watermarked-img_1020Here are, as promised, all the swatches, arranged accordingly to the positions of the shades in the pallete. If you want to see some photos of the colours in action, keep an eye on my Instagram – mellymihaylova 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to contact me here and on Facebook if you’d like to! Perhaps the next post shall be something else than make-up? Who knows 😉

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