Pram Choice For Tall Parents: PegPerego Book 51 S

Welcome to one of many posts about motherhood. Because to say that’s a huge part of my life now, would be an understatement. And this is a lifestyle blog, so there you go. 

While I was pregnant the hardest possible purchase that we had to make was without doubt the pram. Turned out it’s not only about the design and colours – it had to be obviously sturdy, safe and … suitable for tall people. If you’re below 6ft that’s probably not a huge concern to you, but me being 6ft1 (185cm) and the husband 6ft6 (about 2m), it turned out that finding a pram that suits our size can be a bit of a challenge. Best tip? Go and try different models out and make sure you try to push them while walking – if the pram is not suitable for your height, your legs would be kicking the basket or the wheels. 

PegPerego Book 51S Modular Elite Luxe Mirage carrycot

Many brands offer “telescopic” handles, however that might not be enough in some cases – it certainly was the case with us. Some options that were suitable were MaxiCosi, Stokke and (obviously) PegPerego.

In the end the model we picked was actually a whole travel system – PegPerego Book 51S Modular Elite travel system with car seat Primo Viaggio SL and Isofix base. All in the colour Luxe Mirage. (UK link)

Very important thing to mention, which was hard for me to figure out while I was doing my research, is that there are two types of the Book 51S chassi – with ergonomic and with telescopic handle. If you’re not bothered by the whole height situation, then both would work for you, but we had to get the telescopic one and additionally use handle extensions for when my husband is pushing the pram.

You can read all the specifications all over the internet, but I will mention my favourite features. The carrycot is stable and comfortable – our little boy loves sleeping in it and we use it as a bed in our livingroom too. It’s a very good size and (depending on your child’s size) you can comfortably use it for more than 3 months unlike the cots from some other brands. As an addition, the base keeps it at a decent height so we don’t have to bend too much every time we want to pick up the baby – very handy if you’ve got dodgy back. 

The pushchair unit we haven’t tested out yet, as our boy is still young for it and the weather hasn’t been too suitable, but in theory you can use it from birth, as it reclines quite a lot. I did try to strap the baby in it and he seemed comfortable. The unit comes with a warm foot cover and a huge extendable canopy (the fabric has SPF50, so very good protection) and the kid can be placed facing towards or away from the parent. Being the “book” model, the base and this unit can be folded together. 

One thing that I found very handy is the fact that you can lock and unlock the front wheels without actually touching them – there is a small dial right next to the “PegPerego” logo on the side of the chassi, so again – you don’t have to bend too much.

The canopy is detachable and in general any change of the positions or the seats of that pram happens extremely easy and with just one click. The pram also has a very large basket and you can purchase a matching bag.

One of the important things for me was that the car seat easily attaches to the chassi without any additional adaptors, that I would most certainly lose if I had to carry around. Here’s the place to mention that the Primo Viaggio SL (and other PegPerego models) have passed safety tests with flying colours. Furthermore it can be installed in the car with the isofix base, belted base or just the car’s seatbelt, which was very important to us, as we’ve got one car with isofix points and one without. The Primo Viaggio SL can be used with kids up to 13kg and then you can buy the Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix, which can be used with the same isofix base – something important to check, as it’s not always the case with all brands.

This is how the pram looks with the folded seat and if you need to, you could also detach the large wheels with just one click. Also good to mention, no terrain is a problem with this ride and it smoothly goes over grass and bumps. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the choice and would 100% recommend it regardless whether you are a giant like me and my husband or a normal person 🙂 As a conclusion I must note, that this pram (with the carrycot!) can fit into the boot of a Mercedes convertible. Amen!

Disclaimer: PegPerego are available in the UK (I’ve found them online on TrendyBaby and UberKids) but ours was purchased from Bulgaria. This post is in no way sponsored.

If you’ve got any questions about the pram, please do write a comment below or message me on Instagram

Mells x

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