Save The World – 5 Easy Steps

You might think I’ve gone completely mad if you’re following me on Instagram, but recently I’ve been trying everything possible to reduce the harmful impact me and our household have on the environment. There were two factors that opened my eyes, if I can say so.

First: When we visited the USA this year, in every single one of the 9 hotels we stayed in across the East Coast, the breakfast was served in plastic dishes and cups, with plastic cutlery. I’d never witnessed something so ridiculous before and it really did upset me. Just imagine how much plastic rubbish is being generated every day just from this industry!!!

Second: One day I was cleaning my house, happily spraying some popular (won’t name the brand) surface cleaner all over my kitchen. Half an hour later I could barely breathe, my head was aching, my throat was dry and I kept coughing. It turned out that regular use of cleaning sprays harms the lungs just as much as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Just imagine all the toxins you’re inhaling…

Those two things motivated me to start looking for more eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable alternatives for my household. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I haven’t binned every single plastic item in my house, I haven’t gone vegan and I have not completely substituted everything in my cleaning cupboard, but I am trying to be a bit better. One small step at a time, making small changes, that turned out to be easier than expected.

eco friendly recycled napkins natural hand made soap bar bamboo pads environment sustainable

I’ve already mentioned one of my favourite brands in my October Favourites, so go check that out. I’m so happy with this product, that in fact I don’t even want to use any of my other cleaning sprays. But let’s get to the point…

  1. Recycled Napkins
    The amount of tissues and napkins we use is ridiculous, so I tried finding some more sustainable options. And it turned out to be quite easy! Just order recycled napkins or bamboo ones and you’re already one step closer to a cleaner Earth.
    recycled napkins eco friendly sustainable natural basket
  2. Bamboo Reusable Pads
    Just like regular cotton pads, that we use for removing make up or applying toner…just…washable. I’ve just gotten these, as I’ve always felt bad about the amount of packages I go through – on average I would use one cotton pad in the morning to clean my face with micellar water, one in the evening after coming out of the shower, one after that to apply toner and one I give to the husband to clean his face. That’s 4 per day. 4 pads in the bin. And they can be 4 pads in the washing, ready to be reused over and over again. Not only will that help the environment, but will also save you money!
    reusable bamboo cotton make up pads sustainable eco friendly
  3. Recycled Wrapping Paper
    Normal wrapping paper is not recyclable. Imagine the amount of rubbish over Christmas. Just get recycled/brown wrapping paper. That way your gifts will look super stylish and also you won’t be creating non recyclable rubbish. And it’s also cheaper!
  4. Soap bars instead of liquid soap!
    This one is kind of obvious…but when you get a soap bar, you really only bin the wrapping (which can be recyclable too), but when you get liquid soap or shower gel, at some point you end up with an empty plastic bottle. Yes, some of them can be recycled, but do you really read the labels before purchasing, then do you rinse the bottle and place it in the recycling bin? Just get a good ol’ soap bar. Preferably, a handmade one. By the way, same applies for shampoos and conditioners, I still can’t speak from experience, but I’m planning on trying shampoo bars very soon, so let me know if you have any recommendations.

    natural soap bar hand made coconut napa soap company
    The smaller bar (smells like coconut!) is hand-made by my lovely friend Monika!
  5. Bring your own shopping bags!
    This is possibly the one thing that I think everyone is aware of, yet I still get shocked by the amount of people on the streets with fresh new plastic carry bags. I am guilty of forgetting my reusable bags at home way too often…but then I either try to carry my items or I purchase from the shop another one and I try not to get any of the rubbish thin bags, that will end in the bin once I unpack my purchases. Now I have one tote in every handbag pretty much and I try to keep some in the cars too (The Mercedes has its own built-in little foldable shopping box in the boot, so that helps!)

There are many other little things that you can do (buy a reusable glass bottle and don’t purchase plastic ones; do the same with coffee mugs etc.), but I’m challenging you to start with just those 5 points and try making a difference!

What do YOU do to save our World?

Mells x


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