Our Wedding Decoration – Fairy Tale in Ultraviolet

Many of you have asked me to write more about our wedding and now that it’s passed I can finally take a breath and explain and show you more! I will probably write several posts with different topics, because if I try to fit everything in one, it will just be too long.

I could have started with the dress or the photoshoot or perhaps some tips and tricks about planning, but I’ve decided the first post to be about the decoration, as this was what made the whole image of our special day unique and as beautiful as it was. (you can see a video here)
wedding decoration ultraviolet purple flower boxes fairy tale lands main table

For those of you who know me, the fact that the wedding decoration was purple comes as no surprise. Picking the right shade was a little bit tricky (who knew that there could be 900 names for different types of purple?!), but in the end we decided to go for a bold option – the colour of 2018 – ultraviolet. Because pastel shades are overrated! 😀 And by “we” I mean obviously me and the wedding agent – as you might have guessed my lovely husband did not have many preferences in regards to that topic.
wedding decoration ultraviolet purple flower boxes fairy tale lighthouse golf and spa resort

Now that I mention the wedding agent, let me introduce you to our brilliant Natalina – the reason why everything went smoothly on our special day (or at least nobody noticed the inevitable little problems here and there). Wedding House Natalina pretty much dealt with everything in regards to planning our wedding – decoration, flowers, logistics and coordination on the day. They are situated in Varna, which was handy, considering we picked a venue in the nearby town – Balchik.
lighthouse golf and spa resort balchik wedding

About the venue – I fell in love with it the moment I saw a photo of it from another wedding. I really wanted to avoid the dark typical hotel restaurants. I imagined our wedding bright, sunny and colourful. That’s how we ended up booking the Clubhouse at Lighthouse Golf and SPA Resort in Balchik, Bulgaria. Furthermore, it met our criteria for space and also the possibility of booking rooms for all our guests for the night of the wedding, as most of them were traveling from Sofia, London or even the USA.
wedding decoration ultraviolet purple flower boxes fairy tale lighthouse golf and spa resort tables

For a very long time me and my (now) husband were wondering what theme to pick for our wedding and no matter how many different options we were looking at, we seemed to always come back to the idea of…fairy tales. I know, quite popular for weddings, but we did figure out a way to personalise it.
wedding decoration ultraviolet purple flower boxes fairy tale lighthouse golf and spa resort pandora

Each table carried the name of a place from a tale – not necessarily the typical Disney tales, as we also included World of Warcraft, Diablo etc. For the curious ones – the names were Pandora, Enchanted Forest, Wonderland, Oz, Neverland, Caldeum, Azeroth, Agrabah, Atlantis, Hogwarts and Narnia.
wedding decoration ultraviolet purple flower boxes fairy tale lighthouse golf and spa resort tables

On each table we put a frame with an illustration of the specific place and a book with the story – Harry Potter, Diablo, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and so on. Both me and the husband love reading, so it just seemed like the right thing to do to represent us. The guests seemed to have liked the idea as well, so we’re happy!

Wedding favours – to compliment our theme, we decided to pick those gorgeous Cinderella carriages candles from Confetti and they really completed the table decorations! The boutonnieres and baskets (photos coming soon) were hand made by my cousin and I am truly grateful to her for all the effort!
wedding decoration ultraviolet purple flower boxes fairy tale lighthouse golf and spa resort confetti wedding cinderella carriages

As Natalina suggested, the flowers from the tables (real ones, obviously) were put in boxes, so in the end of the celebration the guests were encouraged to take them home along with the books and the picture frames – we really did not fancy the idea of getting things we will have to throw away after the night!

Here is the time to thank everyone involved in the process of creating our beautiful fairy tale, which turned out to be more amazing than I had ever imagined it to be:

Stationery design: our lovely friend Radoslav Donchev

Boutonnieres and baskets decoration: Elina Atanassova – The Art of The Beauty 

Photos of the décor and video: Foto Studio “Na Fokus”

Photography: Georgi Georgiev Wedding Photography

Creative Idea and Design: Natalina Wedding House


Stay tuned for more photos from our special day!



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  1. Красота! Нямам търпение да видя роклята отблизо хихи

    Идеята за темата на сватбата е СТРА-ХОТ-НА! 😍

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    1. Хехе, мерсииии! 😘 Скоро ще пусна и пост за роклята и как я намерихме, че и там имаше екшън 😂


  2. jerserry says:

    Omg that is so beautiful 😍 congratulations!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you 🤗💜

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      1. jerserry says:



  3. zaharnik says:

    Мели, много ми хареса идеята гостите да вземат у дома цветята от масата. Чудесно решение :)! Прекрасно изглежда всичко и аз чакам още публикации и снимки :).

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    1. Благодаря ти! Ами опитахме се да го направим практично 😃

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