Travel Blog: NYC To Niagara Falls, Canada

Ah, the Niagara Falls…this was probably my favourite part of the trip. But let’s start with actually getting there…

If you haven’t read the previous article, go do that now, as it was the beginning of that very long trip.

NYC to Niagara Falls Canada Travel Blog

Now you would wonder – why on Earth would we decide to drive from New York City to Niagara Falls instead of just taking the plane? Oh, well that is quite simple – we listened to Jeremy Clarkson. And if he has proven that this is the faster and better way, then so be it, we’re driving! (Obviously, because taking travel advice from the dear Mr. Clarkson is the wisest thing one can possibly do! If you have no idea what I am talking about, then go watch The Grand Tour – season 2, episode 2. Green Hell as a bonus.)

We didn’t get a sporty new Ford GT, as I doubt it would have happily fitted the 4 suitcases (оr 1), but we settled for the comfort of an SUV – the Nissan Rogue (One. I should really stop with the nerdy references…).

Our trip did begin from the “deepest concrete canyons of Manhattan” and we slowly managed to make our way out of the city. By the way, turns out that if you have driven in Sofia, Bulgaria, no metropolitan traffic chaos can ever be a challenge to you. New York pretty much has the same ridiculous madness on its streets, I really felt like home when it comes to absurd manoeuvres and abrupt stops in the middle of a crossroad.


For people, who’ve never been to the US, the drive was rather pleasant – we were easily fascinated by everything we see, we even played a very challenging game – “Spot the small car”. I can assure you, it’s nearly impossible to score more than 1 per 2 hours.

To fully embrace the American life, we stopped to grab a bite (if you can even refer to American portion sizes as “BITES”) at Wendy’s. Those Baconator cheese fries are to die for, and you most probably will with all that cholesterol in them.

Long highways, small villages, typical American houses and many American flags later, we reached Buffalo and the Canadian border.

It is all fun and games until you have to explain to border control that you’re Bulgarians, coming from London ( -Which one?; -Uhm…sorry, the UK one.), passing through the US to enter Canada today, so we can go back tomorrow. Honestly, I wouldn’t have let ourselves enter the country. The lovely chap at the kiosk did, however, so we ended up on Canadian soil.

NYC to Niagara Falls Canada Travel BlogNow, may I say here with capital letters – DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE LIGHT SHOW AT THE FALLS IN THE EVENING!!!

Because we did. So we’re just not going to speak more about it.

The falls are absolutely stunning! If you’re planning a trip, certainly go to the Canadian side, as it is much prettier (sorry, USA). You can get as close as possible to the main part and just walk around the edge.

NYC to Niagara Falls Canada Travel Blog

There are many experiences offered – zip line, going under the falls, getting very close with a boat…but to be honest, we decided that, really, all those “closer” looks are just going to get you either wet or deaf. If you’ve already been there and have enjoyed them, then take no offence, I’m just saying what seemed right for us at that point. The walk on the Canadian side is beautiful, during sunset you see MANY gorgeous rainbows and if you choose a hot day like we did, then you’re definitely going to enjoy the refreshing mist, which is inevitable in such close proximity to falls of similar greatness.

NYC to Niagara Falls Canada Travel BlogApart from seeing the Falls there isn’t much to do in the area – you can’t really go shopping as well, unless you want to spend $4 on a 30ml bottle of water from the Falls (Bargain, huh?!).

So, having ticked that place from our bucket lists, we boarded the Rogue and headed on a long drive to New Jersey!

NYC to Niagara Falls Canada Travel Blog

Some tips and tricks: 

  • Do not forget a rain coat. Or jacket. Well, something to keep you from getting fully soaked, especially if it’s not summer.
  • There are so many hotels around, so make sure you book one of them and stay overnight, so you can enjoy a sunset at the falls and the-event-that-shall-not-be-mentioned in the evening.
  • Make sure you check out Frontier BBQ and Smokehouse, as their food is fabulous and the staff are simply amazing. And most importantly, do not forget to order their Ceasar Cocktail with bacon. Yes, bacon. It’s pretty much Bloody Mary with BACON!!! ’nuff said.
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