5 Things You Should Spend More Money On

Here I am, once again…with my 5 tips on this week’s topic!

Today I will be sharing with you which are the 5 things I believe it is worth spending more money on and in one of the next posts I will also mention 5 things where saving is completely justified and splurging is not worth it in my opinion. Obviously. Because I am such a capacity when it comes to financial decisions. Aaaanyhow!

As this blog started as a beauty one, let’s begin with the cosmetics!

  1. Skin Care – Moisturiser, Serums…

    what to spend more money on skincare vichy slow age idealia peeling omorovicza deep cleansing mask
    You can read more about the Vichy Idealia Peeling and the Omorovicza Mask in my January Favourites

    True story – in the beginning of the year I finally started using more expensive skin care products and I managed to earn a compliment from my mother! For those of you, who have not met her – she is the person who will greet me at the airport with the words “What on Earth are you wearing…?!” or “You have gained a kilo. You should do something about it”. Which, I must say, I really appreciate, because I can always count on her honest opinion (it does create a bit of awkwardness, though, when you try on a wedding gown and everyone expects her to be so emotional and impressed how beautiful I am and yet she just says “Terrible.”). But aaaanyway, I got distracted. So, after switching to higher end skin care, my mum turned to me and said that my wrinkles (!!!) have decreased. The ultimate compliment! She didn’t even know I had changed anything, so we can be sure her opinion was genuine. Now, when I am saying more expensive, that means I used to go for the price bracket £5-10 and now I have gone up to £25-50. Do not imagine I am spending £300 on an eye cream 😉

  2. Clothes

    what to spend more money on quality clothes knitwear ralph lauren polo
    My favourite knitwear – Polo Ralph Lauren. The red sweater is nearly 4 years old, the other two – 3 years and I wear them all the time.

    It is important to mention here, that I am talking mainly about statement pieces, like sweaters, knitwear, shirts…pretty much things, that you do get to wear quite a lot and you won’t try on twice and abandon. I find it so frustrating, when every season I need to buy new sweaters, because the ones that I bought last year, wore 5 times and washed twice, already make me look like I’ve been in a bear fight after sleeping under a bridge for at least a month. It all comes down to material and quality. I can honestly say I am done with the popular fast fashion brands, that change their collections every two weeks – it is so rare to find a good quality piece of clothing there, that I’ve just given up and currently I buy only very simple and versatile pieces, which I can wear more than one season. It is absolutely worth investing in them: first – they look better; second – they last longer; third – you actually help the environment by not producing so much trash, if that’s something that matters to you. So, instead of buying that £10 sweater or cardigan, spend £100, but look good and wear it longer!

  3. Technology

    what to spend more money on technology brands apple iphone macbook pro
    Investing in good quality technology saves you a lot of headaches.

    I will try to explain this with an example. When I was younger, the first digital camera that we got, was an unknown brand, Bulgarian I believe – Diva or something similar. At that time it was very hard to be able to afford Nikon or Canon for example, which is why we got a product with the same specs, but not from a famous company. We thought – it will be fine, it is essentially the same thing. Wrong. Apart from being very temperamental, this piece of equipment refused to focus on anything that you would like to see on the left side of the photo and was switching itself on and off whenever it pleases. I remember my dad trying to talk to the company and sorting out the problem, but they were useless. Long story short, we ended up buying the glorious Canon Ixus 30 (small, 3.5MP – amazing for that time!) and now, around 15 years later, it is still working.
    Now, this is only one of many examples that I can give for similar situations and some people might call me a snob, but brands matter when it comes to technology. It is, in the end, a personal choice, but whenever I can and, obviously, whenever reasonable, I am always choosing to pay a little bit extra just to have a piece of mind and know, that the product won’t have any problems, or at least – the warranty will cover them.

  4. Scented candles
    what to spend more money on scented candles dw home brushed cashmere and patchouli pecksniff's coconut and shea butter
    This sounds ridiculous, I know, but if you are a fan of scented candles, you will understand! Couple of months ago I bought some lovely smelling candles from the local shop – very affordable, £3 each – fabulous! Well, imagine my disappointment when 4 hours after I lit them, they were completely gone. As a comparison – I bought the same size candles from Home Sense – again, discounted, but good quality, for around £12 and they burned for days. I really cannot how many hours, on the label it said 30-36 and I am willing to believe them, because I had those candles at home for weeks. Not only that, but the scent was more noticeable in the house, so if you are a scented candles addict – splurge!
  5. Pets!!!
    puppy how much it costs pedigree kennel golden retriever
    I am sure I will find plenty of people to judge me for that, but let me get one thing straight – if you don’t want a certain breed and its qualities – ADOPT! If you do – get a pet from a registered place, with a pedigree! There are no other options, if you are trying to be a smart, reasonable and responsible person! The online ads, the neighbour and the pet shop are not a place to look. The price difference is huge, yes. But trust me, you are not paying for a piece of paper, when you buy pedigree. You’re paying for the years of effort those people have invested – for the health tests of the ancestors, for the good food, for the care and the love. As a vet, I cannot even begin to explain how often I see pets on the verge of death because of irresponsible breeding or inadequate care in their early age. Yes, you will pay less initially, but you will pay more in vet bills and, most importantly, emotional trauma. For you and the poor animal.
    Be smart. A pet is a luxury, not a necessity.


Having said all that, I would love to hear what you think on the topic – what things do you spend more money on?

Let me know if such posts are useful for you!

Mells x

Disclaimer: None of the photographed items have been sent to me as a PR. The post is not sponsored.


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