5 Ways To Save Money

We have all been there – tempted to treat ourselves, to buy just this one little gift, because we deserve it…

And there’s nothing wrong with that! In the end of the day, it’s your money and you can spend them on whatever you like. As long as you can afford it, obviously.

There are, however, several little tricks to help you save a little bit from your purchases, so you can use the extra monies to save for rainy days, finally go on the trip to the Bahamas or just to buy that new Lamborghini you’ve been wanting for a while. You know, the basics 😉

Now, it all obviously depends on your budget – I personally haven’t been to the Bahamas yet and I am nowhere near close to buying my Huracan, but at least in the UK we have plenty of rainy days, I guess?

Let’s start with the first and most obvious one to me:

  • Pick your favourite shops/brands and stay loyal to them

5 tips on saving money rewards cards points

Nowadays almost every supermarket and shop has a loyalty scheme, which entitles you to receive rewards. Whether it’s going to be vouchers or points, it is totally worth picking one and sticking to it. For example, my personal choice in regards to a drugstore is Boots – I have their advantage card and I get points every time I shop there. I’m also a member of their contact lenses scheme, so I get points for my lenses and glasses too, plus free eye checks. There are often special offers for club members and I can spend my points in store for absolutely anything I want to purchase.

So, whenever you are in shop and at the till they ask you – would you like a membership card, the correct answer is YES.

  • Cashback websites

5 tips on saving money cashback sites quidco

Ordering takeaway online, buying shampoo or booking your next holiday, always try to find a website that gives you certain % cashback. My personal favourite is Quidco, but sometimes I have cashback offers through my bank too, so I always check which one is better before buying anything. Occasionally the percentage can go to more than 10%, which is always a bargain!

  • Buy your groceries online

5 tips on saving money grocery shopping online ocado

At our home we have been doing that for more than a year and a half and I can’t believe how efficient and convenient it’s been! First of all, you don’t go aimlessly around the aisles, putting random things in your shopping cart just because they look cute, but you don’t really need them. Also, you get to constantly monitor exactly how much money you are about to spend (how many times have you ended up at the till with the expectation of a 50 quid bill, but it has turned out to be double the amount?). Furthermore, we have noticed, that if you shop from a generally more expensive supermarket online, the quality of the products is a lot better, they are fresher and the expiry dates are longer. So, in the long run, you save money, not to mention you’re not wasting time physically going to the shop.

Our personal favourite for online groceries is Ocado, so if you would like to know more details about it and get a voucher, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram, or leave a comment below.

  • Check the official brand websites

5 tips on saving money official website shopping vichy

There are many “mixed brand” shops online, that have amazing prices and very often the deals are better than buying the same item from the official brand website. Sometimes, however, the offers are far better if you get your purchase directly from the company that makes it. Vichy, for example – they have free delivery and let you chose 3 samples with every order. I have looked everywhere and I still shop from their official website because the perks are awesome and the delivery is fast.

  • Buy more expensive items, but insist on good quality!

This one might be obvious, but not too many people practice it. It’s valid for everything – from groceries to clothes and cars. If you get a box of strawberries from a random cheap place, chances are, they will go off before the ones you would have gotten from a higher quality retailer, which means you might end up Just binning them. Cheap bin bags from Home Bargains? Great deal, but they split so easily, that you have to wash the bin every single time. If you buy a sweater, that’s going to look terrible after two washes, what’s the point? I can give you countless examples, but that is one of the things I sadly realised recently – you do, indeed, pay more for quality, but it certainly is worth it. In my wardrobe I have 6 sweaters, all from higher end brands, and all of them have been worn and washed countless times. Guess what? They are still as good as new. Can’t afford to buy them in the first place? Go to outlets and wait for sales. And most importantly, don’t get sucked into the fast fashion madness, where every two weeks there is a new collection with incredibly cheap but completely rubbish clothes, that are not going to last even a season. There are, of course, exceptions, but they are quite rare.

I hope you find those little tips handy – most of them are credit to my dear fiancé, who showed me how to put them in practice. Let me know whether they work for you and share any additional ones that you might think of!

Mells x

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  1. Amazing tips, but unfortunately here in Bulgaria is hard to come up with things like that…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, but I am hoping it will change soon 🙂 Some shops still have rewards points and you can try Quidco when shopping online 🙂


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