2444 Horses And Me!

Hello, hello!

I won’t be talking about lipsticks in this post. Also I have not suddenly decided to become an equine vet and have 2444 horses to treat. Thankfully!

This time we’re talking about my other passion. Cars.

Long story short, I grew up playing with cars, hanging out with boys, watching F1 and waiting for the new NFS to come out. Because girls were too much drama.

And that’s pretty much it. I’ve always enjoyed driving and got my license the moment I turned 18 (the legal age in Bulgaria).

supercar driving experience lamborghini gallardo nissan GTR Ferrari California

So, knowing me well (thankfully 😀 ) the best fiancé in the world (don’t tell him I said that 😉 ) sent me to drive not 1, not 2, but 5 super cars on a race track.

Now, again – I won’t bore you with technical facts, anyone can google them, I will just share my impressions.

The place? Goodwood Motor Circuit.

The cars? Where do I begin…

Perhaps check out the YouTube video first!

BMW i8 

supercar driving experience bmw i8 hybrid

I started with the car I was most sceptical about. 1.5l Hybrid 3 cylinder engine? That doesn’t sound right, does it? Despite that, it turned out the acceleration is quite impressive: 0-100km/h for 3.8 seconds. The car feels very light and easy to handle on the track, doesn’t take much effort to drive it at all. It does, however, seem rather…plastic? I am not sure how to describe it – there are some cars, in which you get in and immediately think “Damn, that’s a nice ride!”. That’s not the case here, at least for me.

Then again, I generally don’t like the interior of BMWs, so if you’re a fan of the brand, you might actually really love it! Just keep in mind that if you expect to hear an amazing sports car sound from the i8…it’s not going to happen.

Ferrari California

After the hybrid, hearing the roar of a Ferrari V8 engine feels like a bliss! 3.8 seconds to reach 100km/h and all that, while you’re driving with the rooftop down, enjoying the wind in your hair (and the instructor probably not enjoying my hair in his eyes. Poor man).
supercar driving experience ferrari californiasupercar driving experience ferrari california

I think the smile on my face can give you a pretty good idea about the experience with that car. It handles extremely well on the track, feels more stable and heavy than the i8. I wish I could tell you one reason why you wouldn’t love this car. But…I can’t. It’s a Ferrari.

Audi R8

This car is something that triggers very mixed feelings in me. V10 engine. 518 BHP. It feels…powerful. I’ve never been a big fan of the brand, however there are couple of their models that are worth the admiration if I’m trying to be as objective as possible.

supercar driving experience audi r8 v10supercar driving experience audi r8 v10

Heavy, glued to the track, you must really put some effort into handling this beast but it pays off once you get used to it.  Whether I’d happily drive an R8 if someone gave it to me? Hell, yeah. It’s kind of growing to me and I really did not want to like it initially. Oh, well…
One thing I must mention here, and even Jeremy Clarkson agrees with that, are the incredibly squeaky brakes, you can even hear them on my video! A bit of a buzz-killer but I can totally live with that.

Nissan GT-R

My darling Godzilla. This was the initial reason why I wanted to go on the track. I’ve been dreaming of driving this beast for as long as I can remember! The sound that it makes literally brings tears of joy to my eyes! 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds, 522bhp, 4×4 and in the same time it is just as easy to drive as a Micra (a bit more powerful, though, and I hope, with better suspension, as I’ve already managed to completely ruin one of those with my everyday driving behaviour, absolutely forgetting I was driving a company city car and not an F1 bolid along the tiny village roads of Essex).
supercar driving experience nissan gtr godzilla

It is an amazing car! The GT-R. Not the Micra. Micra is not to bad too. But anyway!
I got really lucky with my instructor – she (yes, SHE) was very chilled and absolutely brilliant in guiding me through the track, so we managed to really push the GT-R to its limits. Honestly…I would totally go and do it again, this must NOT be once in a lifetime experience!

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

This car is absolutely brutal to drive! Does require some skill, especially with the brakes (my instructor apparently had almost gotten his face smashed in the front screen several times that day), so you have to be gentle, but it rewards you, oh it does! 560bhp, mid V10 engine, you’re pretty much sitting on the ground as you are trying not to injure your neck from the forces that are hitting when you’re turning on the track.

supercar driving experience lamborghini gallardo

It is stunning! And probably one of my favourite cars to drive! I would definitely go and try out the Huracan at some point, as it must be even more awesome than the Gallardo! And the sound, oh, the sound that it makes!
Actually driving the Lambo and the Audi feels quite similar – no surprise there, as practically they’re owned by the same company. But anyway!
One and only downside that I could think of right now is that if you’re wearing high heels and a skirt/dress, then it would be a bloody nightmare getting in and out of it! Trust me, I even struggle with our Mercedes (you can read more about it here) and the Lambo is even lower than it!

I hope I’ve managed to give you a slight idea of what driving those 5 cars feels like, although the amazing emotion cannot be put into words! Let me know if you enjoy a bit of speed and cars as much as I do and share your favourite ones!

Mells x


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