Travel Blog: Fuerteventura – Black Sand Beaches, Wind and Lagoons

Here I am with another travel blog post 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed my first one about Dublin and this time we’re heading somewhere warmer and sunnier!

This time last year we visited the lovely Fuerteventura, which is part of the Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic ocean. I am not going to get into details about the name and the geography, as everybody knows how to use Google and my goal with those posts is to show you my experience and my impressions, not spam you with facts that are all over the Internet 🙂

There are many things to be seen on the island and sooooo many gorgeous beaches, so hiring a car is highly recommended. It’s also very affordable and the fuel prices are…well, it’s cheaper to buy petrol than beer.


We were staying at a hotel near Caleta de Fuste, which is a gorgeous beach…but was under construction (go figure!?), so swimming there wasn’t exactly fun, however the beaches around were offering us some good alternatives. I would also recommend walking along the coast line towards Caleta del Espino and Caleta Corcha.

During one of our walks there my dear fiance proposed, which made the holiday even more memorable, but if you want me to share more about the engagement, wedding planning etc., let me know in the comments and I will plan a separate post.

In this area there is also the option to hire a quad bike (or a camel!?) and drive around, as well as go on a diving course (which Rosen and our friend Ivan did, but I decided this experience is not for me). And for those of you, looking for something traditional, there is an irish pub at the village, so you can be sure that the pint of Guinness is always a short walk away!

Wherever you decide to stay on the island, make sure you drive south to visit the beaches of Morro Jable and Jandia. In the area you will find the amazing Risco del Paso beach, which just can’t be described with words – it’s a lovely lagoon with bright turquoise water and fine sand – the perfect stop if you want to have a nice walk or you’re passionate about surfing.
risco del paso fuerteventura beach

risco del paso fuerteventura beach

If you’re more into cliffs than golden beaches, make sure you visit Ajuy with its black sands and Caleta Negra, where you can treat yourself to a small hike up the steep edge of the coast (don’t worry, the path is very well made, so it is safe as long as you are cautious). The view that unveils itself from that route is absolutely stunning and you’d feel like stopping every five steps to admire it.

ajuy frueteventura

In the end you will reach a beautiful cave, hidden in the rocks – totally worth it. Also important note – in the small town there are plenty of lovely places to grab some lunch at and you really can’t go wrong – the people are friendly and the food is delicious!

While driving around the centre of the island, you will see mostly sand, rocks and goats. There is nothing else, really, apart from a volcano and some peaks here and there. However, don’t ignore the peaks! That’s how we ended up climbing Mirador Sicasumbre near Pajara, which is a natural viewing point in Fuerteventura (also not an overcrowded one, we were pretty much alone!).

Mirador Sicasumbre Pajara Fuerteventura

You get a 360 gorgeous view of the area, along with a full demonstration of why the island is called Fuerteventura (prepare yourself for some wind) and if you’re lucky, you can make some goat friends along the way – we had two babies and their mummy jumping around us (and whoever has seen a baby goat, knows there is nothing more adorable in this world!).

Mirador Sicasumbre Pajara Fuerteventura
Obviously not the above mentioned goats.

One of the places you definitely shouldn’t miss are the gorgeous deserts of Corralejo.

corralejo desert fuerteventura sand

Miles and miles of fine sand, highly recommend to visit during sunset! Pretty much you have the crystal clear water on one side and the endless desert on the other. Beautiful contrast and I can promise you, you won’t regret it. We personally didn’t have enough time to enjoy it fully and we couldn’t go catch the ferry to Lobos (the nearby island), but that is on the list for our next visit.



I hope you’ve enjoyed my short tips with spots to visit in Fuerteventura, let me know if you’ve been there or you’re planning a trip soon!

Mells x




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  1. Siyana says:

    You look like a mermaid on the first photo! In fact, all of the photos are amazing! 😀
    Friendly goats are always the best companions along the way, and yes!! wedding post is highly requested ^^

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      A wedding post will be on its way, then!

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