Thicker and Longer Hair – My Journey With Halier

Hi everyone!

After writing my article about how I removed dye from my hair without strong chemicals, it is now time to chat a little bit more about hair again!

Over the past month you might have noticed that I am posting a lot about my hair on Instagram (if you haven’t, that means you’re probably not following me there, which I advise you correct now 😉 ). Part of the reason for it is the fact that I have been testing some new hair products by a brand called Halier.
Halier Fortesse shampoo conditioner hairvity supplement stimulating hair growth preventing hairloss

Halier are a polish company, specialised in producing high quality hair products for men and women, using proven and safe ingredients to make sure they accomplish their goal – thicker, shinier, stronger hair. When they approached me, I had to do a full research to see what exactly I am receiving, as I wouldn’t work with any company, that I am not convinced is offering the best. And I must say I was pretty impressed by Halier. All sounded really well on paper…well, laptop screen, but I was yet to find out whether the products would actually live up to my expectations. And my expectations, when it comes to hair care, are high. And long – just like my hair.

I’ve had relatively long hair most of my life, apart from the time I had to cut it 5 years ago, so I have always tried to take good care of it. Now, about the state of it – My hair is quite sleek and smooth, relatively thick and almost never has split ends. It doesn’t really get oily, so I shower it every 3-4 days, depending on the current condition. I used to visit my hair dresser every 3-4 months when I was back in Bulgaria, however I really have trust issues when it comes to people cutting my hair (I have been going to the same lady for 20 years), so here, in the UK I trim it myself.

This photo was taken 10 days before I started my Halier trial. As you can see, my hair was quite long, but rather dry. I think here is the time to mention that I don’t dye my hair anymore, so I haven’t tested how the products would work on coloured hair.

Halier were kind enough to send me their whole range available currently in the UK, including the Fortesse Shampoo, Fortesse Conditioner and the Hairvity Supplements . Soon they will be launching serum as well, which I would be very curious to see, as years ago I had problems with the strength of my hair and I used Vichy’s serum, which worked very well for me.

Let’s now look at the products in more detail!

Fortesse Shampoo
This product comes in a 200ml bottle – very elegant and sophisticated, like the design of the whole range, which I really appreciate – after all, it has to look good on your shelves, right?!
Halier Fortesse shampoo stimulating hair growth preventing hairloss

My first impression when I used it was that its scent is incredible! It reminds me of  a mixture between cotton candy, marshmallows, bubble gum and caramel (very sweet, I know, but I absolutely love it!). I swear, my whole bathroom smells like this for at least 2 hours after I shower.

It cleans the hair very well and when you rinse it off you have this squeeky-clean feeling, which makes me really happy as I hate feeling my hair heavy after showering it, and sometimes it is quite hard to wash off some shampoos. No such problems here! As a result the roots of my hair certainly feel thicker and more voluminous, and they look more “lifted” as there is literally no grease left on them whatsoever. I would be cautious with that, though, if you wash your hair every day, as it might dry it out a little bit more, but for me it works very well. That being said, the shampoo does NOT contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulphate), so for those of you, trying to avoid such ingredients, this would be a suitable choice. Also means it would irritate your eyes less, if it comes in contact with them, and proof for that are my ridiculously sensitive eyes, which start burning the moment even pure water touches them. I still do my best not to allow any product in them, however I haven’t had any problems or unpleasant feeling while showering with Halier’s products.

The shampoo is also full of nice ingredients, targeting different problems. I generally have very dry scalp and sometimes it can get a bit flakey, which looks horrible. A month and a half with Fortesse, still no such issues. The formula includes horsetail to prevent dandruff and add shine, vitamin B3 to stimulate hair growth (and saw palmetto to reduce hair loss), castor oil to add hydration and, of course, biotin, which is one of my all time favourite supplements and I use it for my patients and my own pets to ensure they have lovely thick, healthy and shiny coat.

When it comes to the size of the bottle, I actually counted that I need 10 pumps per use to fully wash my hair (keep in mind it is a LOT of hair) and still I don’t think I have even used half of the bottle, so you’re getting a good value for money.

Honestly, I have nothing bad to say for that shampoo, no matter how picky I am with my hair products!


Fortesse Conditioner
The conditioner by Halier comes in a 150ml bottle…and this is my only problem with it.
Halier Fortesse conditioner stimulating hair growth preventing hairloss

We all know the struggle when you have long hair – using tons of conditioner and ending up with an empty bottle before you’ve finished the corresponding shampoo. So why is the bottle 50ml smaller than the shampoo? No clue. I use 16 pumps of it per wash, and trust me, I have tried using less, but it just doesn’t cover my hair (also I am applying it only from the mid-lengths to the ends and not the roots, as it says on the package). I still have quite a lot of product in the bottle and I will report back on one of my social media profiles when I finish it to tell you exactly how much of the shampoo I have used before finishing the conditioner, so make sure you follow my Facebook and Instagram (oh, and my newly established YouTube channel, I might feel like making a hair care routine video at some point).

When it comes to ingredients, this conditioner fully corresponds to the shampoo and from Halier they have developed a Hair Vitality Complex™, that boosts hair growth, makes the hair shiny and prevents hair loss. The unique thing here, as I mentioned before, is that you can apply the conditioner to the roots and scalp and it won’t weigh the hair down (tried it – true. But I am a person of habit).

In order to fully test this product, I stopped using my usual post-shower products, like the volumising root spray and the argan oil for the ends. Now, while the hair did have a lot more volume in the roots than before that, it did not look AS thick and voluminous as with the spray. My ends, however, did not have any issues and I could easily brush my hair, which does not usually happen if I don’t use my argan oil. When you combine the Fortesse Shampoo and Conditioner with my usual hair care products, though…daaaaamn, that shine and volume!


Hairvity Supplements
I have never tried supplements for my hair and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, despite the fact that I do prescribe such products to my patients. Halier’s Hairvity capsules have Collagen + Amino-Complex™ that is designed to boost the strenght and felxibility of your hair and to help your scalp be healthy so it can actually carry the weight it is supposed to.
Halier Hairvity supplemet stimulating hair growth preventing hairloss

The capsules are formulated with the same ingredients, as the shampoo and the conditioner, which means you are attacking the problems not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. And we all know what major role good diet plays when it comes to our appearance.

I started taking two capsules daily the moment I received them and my first impression was…that they are horrible. I cannot lie to you, the smell is very typical for a supplement, quite strong and unpleasant, so I would advise you to hold your breath while taking them.

The sceptical person that I am, I didn’t really think that there is going to be much noticeable difference in my hair with the supplements. Here is the place also for a little disclaimer – I wasn’t able to take the capsules for a whole month, I had to stop two weeks after starting them, as I had a heart surgery and was prescribed anticoagulants, which are not compatible with many supplements and other drugs. After discussing it with the nurses and the pharmacists, we decided it is best not to risk it, as we weren’t sure whether any of the ingredients of Hairvity (otherwise – all positive!) would counteract with the anticoagulants. Probably not, but I decided to be a responsible grown-up person. That being said, I am now left with half a bottle of the supplements and I am soooo going to use them before my wedding next year – you will see why!

And let me just add something here – the picky person that I am, if I am saying that I will be using something before the biggest event of my life, that has to mean something. I am also pretty much convinced I will be buying the shampoo and the conditioner again couple of months before the wedding.
girl hairgrowth supplements halier hairvity haircare hairgrowth

Now let’s talk about the EFFECTS of my one month trial with Halier’s products!

This photo was taken 2 weeks after starting the Halier products. So let’s do a break down of my impressions!

First – I could brush my hair without using oils!

Second – scent! It lingers for hours in the bathroom and you can feel it on your hair 2 days after washing!

Third – the lightweight feeling you get! The products don’t weigh down your hair at all, and you can definitely see more volume in the roots of the hair.

Thickness – let’s get to the more important part – have those products actually made my hair thicker? I believe so. Obviously, one month is not enough time for the hair to fully grow visibly thicker, however I have noticed that I have lots of tiny baby hairs growing, which are around 1cm long now and definitely weren’t there before.
girl hairgrowth supplements halier hairvity haircare hairgrowth

Shine! As you can see from the photos, my hair is for sure more shiny and healthy-looking. On the “before” photo it is freshly washed, I have blow-dried it, applied argan oil and then straightened it with hair straighteners (…obviously?! 😀 ), so it is supposed to be quite “polished”. Yet, you can still see some dry hairs sticking out and the whole appearance is more…hmm…matte?
On the “after” photo, my hair has been blow-dried again, no additional products have been used, and the waves I achieved with a curling wand. The hair is visibly shinier and looks better hydrated. There isn’t really a point in describing the difference in that matter further, as you have eyes and you can see what I’m talking about!

Length! I haven’t measured how much my hair had grown during those 2 weeks, but you can see on the photos, that there is significant difference. Perhaps you’re wondering why the “after” photo is not taken a month after the first day of the trial. Very simple – right after I took that photo, I went on holiday back to Bulgaria, so I had an appointment with my hairdresser and I asked her to cut a little bit more of my hair. You’d think I am crazy – why would I be cutting my hair more, when I have been using products to make it longer?! Well, years ago I had a problem with very bad hair loss and it was due to the fact that my scalp just got exhausted – I was under a lot of stress and my hair had been very long for ages, which was starting to have a negative effect. This might not be the case with you – you could be wearing your hair butt-lenght for 10 years without any problems, mine, however, needs to occasionally have a 10-15cm trim in order to be in its best condition. And to be honest, I really don’t care how much I trim my hair. It grows back quickly and it grows back healthy. So here is what I am left with now:

I am still using the shampoo and conditioner and I can’t wait to see how they’re going to work with my newly trimmed and fresh hair.

This review has turned out to be a little bit longer than expected, but I hope it’s been useful to you!

If you’d like to try the products, you can purchase them from Halier’s website – they have free delivery for the UK and also ship internationally!

Let me know which ones are your favourite hair care products and whether you have tried this brand!

Mells x

Disclaimer: The products in this post have been provided by PR, however the opinion, given in that article is entirely mine and I haven’t been sponsored to write this review.

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