Turning 27 – Thoughts And What I Got For My Birthday

On the 2nd of June I turned 27.

Birthday Girl Turning 27 Floral Ted Baker Dress
I spent the past week thinking whether I should do such post and in the end decided to go for it. More as a way to capture this moment, than an actual blog post with useful information, but if you feel like joining me for this memory – I’m more than happy to share it with you!

The plans
My actual birthday was on Friday and, could you believe my luck, I actually had a day off! Which gave me time to prepare for the party we were throwing the next day. I also had my beautiful friend Lisa coming over with her gorgeous daughter – if you are following me on Instagram and you occasionally see photos of the cutest, happiest baby ever – that’s her ❤

On Saturday the morning started with food deliveries (long live Amazon Fresh!) and my other gorgeous friend Jess (I have already mentioned in a previous blog that I pretty much can’t tie my shoes without her) coming early to bring some cocktail supplies for later and to give me my aweeeeesome present, but more about the presents – in the end of this post. Then I started preparing some food for later – some little sandwiches, canapes, pastries, prawns etc. Jess was going to sort out the cocktails for the evening – we chose to have Mojitos, Margaritas and Pina Coladas.

An hour and a half before the party I started getting ready so I did my hair and make up.

My make-up and outfit
For my special day I chose some of my favourite products:
Anthelios Anti Shine SPF50 Gel-Cream
Benefit POREfessional Primer
Armani Power Fabric Foundation
Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder

Sleek MakeUp Face Contour Kit in Light
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Beaming Blush

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette
Lancome Grandiose Liner in Black
SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara in Blackest Black
Fleur de Force by Eylure Lashes – Fleur & Fabulous

Beauty Blender
Spectrum Brushes

The dress that I chose to wear is by Ted Baker, one of my favourite clothing brands not only for their beautiful designs but also for the amazing quality and perfectly fitting silhouettes.

The party
I asked people to opt for a smart dress code to match the whole theme with the cocktails and appetizers and I was really happy and grateful to discover that actually all of my friends respected that. Thank you everyone!


We had some drinks, we talked and laughed. We had some cake and we played some Dixit (at our house board games are highly appreciated!). Now, the original plan was for the party to finish around midnight. We got carried away, however (I will really have to be extra nice to my neighbours for the patience they showed that night!) , we danced and played more games and at 4:30 in the morning, exhausted, we finally went to bed.


The deep thoughts
As usually birthdays do, mine made me think about my life, my goals and where am I standing currently. I am the type of person, who always sets new goals, wants more and never settles. Once I have achieved something, I start chasing another goal. And you know, there is nothing wrong with that! Because this is the reason why I am where I am today and it is definitely not where I planned to be 5 or 10 years ago. It is more. And I believe that this exact mindset is what drives us towards improvement and success. Don’t get me wrong, I am not being ungrateful about the present moments and what I have in them, exactly the opposite! I love them, I love my achievements, my wins and my losses – because failing is  not a permanent state. Failing is just part of the road towards achieving your dreams. But enough with my deep philosophical thoughts, we’re trying to keep the happy mood here, if you want me to write more on that topic, just let me know and I will do a separate post.

Now about the presents!
I see that many people write or enjoy reading (or watching) “What I got for my Birthday” types of blogs (and I do enjoy them as well, as I am a very curious person), but sometimes they can be taken as bragging. Well, I don’t care 🙂 I am so happy and grateful for what I got, that I decided to share parts of it in this blog post.

Pretty much it turned out that all my friends know me really well (shocker, right?! 😀 ) and they had picked really amazing things, that I will definitely use and enjoy.

I have been drooling over those Marbleous brushes for ages and I kept postponing buying them. Jess took advantage and got them for me along with this gorgeous highlighter.

When you get a lovely delicate PINK bracelet, it is most likely from Lisa! Absolutely loving it!

Some other bits and pieces from my friends – clearly I love coffee, cosmetics and Ted Baker!

I love big bags…I love purple…what more could I ask for than this beauty by Roccobarocco?!

Some of my presents I could not capture on a photo for various reasons, but they include an amazingly addictive board game (Patchwork – do NOT play it on a colourful table-cloth as this is the best shortcut to headache!), couple of huge jugs with taps (actually two of my friends got me the exact same thing by accident – totally random, but I will definitely be using the jugs during the summer for some fresh lemonade or Pims in the garden!). I am now ready for picnics at the beach as well with a brand new cool box, and along with everything my hair will be all glamorous with the Tresemme’s perfectly (un)done curling wand. Of course, I got some more make-up so I will be testing one of MakeUp Revolution London’s eyeshadow palettes and a beautiful shiny highlighter from I Heart Makeup, so I will be sharing my impressions on them.

And last, but not least, the present that made me happier than a kid visiting Disneyland at Christmas.
I am not going to share more details for now, but there is going to be a lot of speed involved, so stay tuned ❤

Mells x

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