How to remove dye from your hair without strong chemicals

Hello again!

This week I decided to share with you one of my tips and tricks I used to remove dye from hair without completely destroying it with bleaching and harsh chemicals.

The request for this post came from the beautiful Merry from Berry’s Place – I highly recommend checking out her blog and if you love books, definitely head to her other page as well – . So, last week she posted that she is unsure what do to about her hair colour and wondering whether to get back to her natural one. Well, I had similar dilemmas few years ago after dying my hair dark brown, then dark blond-ish, then almost black and suddenly deciding that I will just embrace my actual hair colour. I will try my best to recreate the transition with photos, which will result in the blog being filled with some very random photos with questionable quality, but oh, well…I will have to swallow my pride and not be too picky about the visual presentation of this post. You will have to deal with it as well. That is, of course, in case you plan on reading it at all! If not – run while you can!!! 😉

I dyed my hair almost black in February 2012. At this point it was also quite short for my standards, so the whole process of maintaining the chosen colour was rather easy. Here is a photo from that time (weird and totally not focused but I warned you!)

I happily lived with my dark hair until April 2012, when I decided I want it lighter again, so I got light brown hair dye. It didn’t work.


Apart from the super dark eyes during the day time, the studded belt that is not fully visible and…okay, there are many things wrong with that look but let’s not judge! After all, that was 5 years ago.

At this point I thought – **** it, I am just going back to my natural hair colour (about which we’re going to talk in a bit…).

I started reading online, you know – Googling stuff solves every issue you might have in your life (and it obviously makes me extremely happy when a client walks in with their beloved pet and states that they have googled the symptoms and know exactly what I need to prescribe them…Anyway.) So. Many. Options. But for one thing I was sure – I did NOT want any strong chemicals on my hair as in the past year it had been suffering from my stressful university adventures and it was pleasantly damaged and exhausted. Particularly attractive sounded the idea of using Vitamin C and baby shampoo. Why not give it a go? All you need is a pack of Vit C from the pharmacy – I used the most popular little tablets – around 30, because they are very easy to crush (do not try capsules…just…don’t.) and a bottle of gentle baby shampoo. The amount depends on the length and thickness of your hair, but there are no mandatory proportions or anything…just mix it well together, apply and wait 2-3 hours before washing it off. I did that 2-3 times couple of weeks apart and in August 2012 my hair was getting bit by bit further away from the black:

Now, if you have parts of your roots already showing, I would advice not to apply the mixture on them, as it is possible that it will make them lighter. Needless to say, the whole trick works if you have dyed your hair darker than your natural colour as no amount of vit C and baby shampoo will reverse bleaching.

Also, if you have expected that you will just gracefully bounce back to an even and not-awkward hair colour, you have never been so wrong in your life. The process will be slow, you will go through all kinds of shades until you actually reach something acceptable…but you will not damage your hair, which was a plus for me! I did perhaps 2-3 more applications and in January 2013 I reached that state (also, meet the fiance):

At some point the dyed part of my hair started looking rather natural and there was no weird line between the two parts. Yes, you could always just cut the coloured part once it has dropped to a decent length, but in my case I wanted to get back to my usual state. After the spring of 2013 I decided to just let my hair do whatever it wants to do and in a year I ended up with adequately looking long hair with a hint of some highlights at the lengths …which, at this point, was considered fashionable and I had people asking me how had I accomplished that look.
April 2014:

Now, about that natural hair colour…
My hair is weird. It has 50 shades of brown to dark blond and hints of red in it, and it changes with the seasons and different light. It has never been one solid colour so for me it was really easy to pull off that natural transition without too much awkwardness. Here is a close up of it at some point during the summer of 2014:

Soooo, yes – it varies in a lot of shades and it has its own mind. Whatever your hair’s behaviour is…accept it. It is yours and it is gorgeous no matter what! Love yourself ❤

Mells x



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  1. Косата ти изглежда фантастично на последната снимка! Определено ще пробвам и аз този метод ❤
    Много благодаря за прекрасния пост и за това, че непрекъснато ме споменаваш! Чак започвам да се червя хаха :*

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    1. Благодаря, прекрасна ❤ Благодаря ти аз за, казано по български, съпорта 😂 😘

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